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A Person’s Value DOES NOT Come From His/Her ACCOMPLISHMENTS

Women are actually experts at detecting this, especially in men.  They can understand how a man feels about himself, regardless of how much he has or has not accomplished…

But think about it… who really wants a “success” person, who feels horrible about himself / herself?  Such people are miserable and are miserable to be around.

Really, we need to stop thinking that we need to “earn” value.  Value comes when a person has a deep sense of being “right” with himself / herself, with the universe (or God, if you will).

Value based on “success” is fickle.  As long as a person feels “successful” he or she feels valuable.  But my experience has taught me, that feeling “successful” all too quickly wears off.  And soon, I’ve found myself having the need to again “prove” my ability to be “successful.”

Intrinsic value is Powerful.  Circumstances cannot destroy it.

And Granted – People who feel intrinsically valuable often are successful… but even when they are no longer feeling the effects of a recent success, their feelings of value are unaltered.

In fact, even in the worst conditions, they STILL feel valuable.

Because their Strength come from WITHIN and not from Without.


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The Problem with religion, mainstream religions, is not doctrine, leaders,…

The “Problem” is us.


Humans can corrupt everything that is “pure,” because we are so ‘talented’ at intermingling our natural divisive tendencies into everything we touch.

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But before I go on…
One point needs to considered:

Which (mainstream) religion says to abandon all logic, analyzing and thinking in deference to feelings and emotions?

Basically… which religion says “DO NOT THINK. Just feel.”

(Some will be tempted to polarize the last point.
“C.J. is saying that using feelings and emotions is bad!”

No, I did not say that, nor do I believe that to be true. Feeling and emotions are necessary; necessary for religion, life,…

But neither should be used (trusted) exclusively at the expense of the other! )

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From an analytical point of view, let’s look at the fundamental functions of religion.

  • To communicate with God
  • To understand our personal place (role and function) in the world (universe).

These two things are the heart of religion (mainstream religions).

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 

We “love” to hate. He love to factionalize, make an “us” and “them”.

Is not the stated purpose of religion to “save” people and not push them away?!?!

But instead of creating groups of understand people, the “FOLLOWERS” push away the “outsiders.”

The “Religious” should be like a wise grandparent to a grandchild.

A grandparent understands that many lessons in life have to learned by oneself. Grandparents should be patient. They has much wisdom learned from their experience and self-reflection. They don’t insist on their grandchildren instant acquisition of the knowledge that the grandparents have obtained over much time. Rather, that give their grandchildren little nuggets of knowledge, when they are ready.

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in are desire to live better lives

In our desire to feel more fulfilled

THIS Is What Religion is Supposed To Give Us

As OPPOSED To Yet Another Means To ENABLE Humanity’s tendency to Divide and Hate.