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Understanding – The Nearly Impossible Sonata To Master

“I understand you!”

But do you?  Many people say this phrase often, but I tend to disbelieve them.  Understanding involves “contradictions”. 

– In order to understand someone else, I must FIRST understand… MYSELF.  But to understand oneself, if done correctly is a difficult task.  You have to metaphorically take yourself apart, your psyche, into the smallest elements and then “put yourself together” and understand how those parts make a whole…

I pose some questions to you:

  • Why do you believe, what you believe?   Again – why do YOU believe what you believe?
  • Why are certain things “right” and certain things “wrong”?
  • Why is it wrong to murder in cold blood?
  • Why is it wrong to steal or cheat?
  • Why is it wrong to leave your home in a mess?
  • Why is it wrong to leave the toilet seat up?

People have so many “rules” about what is right and what is wrong… but how many honestly question if those things are truly (in a Cosmic or Universal sense) right or wrong… or simply believe what they have “learned”…

And how many are willing to accept that many of our beliefs about right and wrong are simply a choice we made to choose… TOTALLY without LOGIC!
I left Christianity because so many “Christians” told me that I needed to “just believe!”…

– Most people are whole unwilling to admit this, but the vast majority of us are terrible, TERRIBLE at understanding others

We are so quick to place others in nice and neat “categories”.  We love to take one aspect about a person (and for the more “sophisticated” three or four) and voila! we CREATE a whole complete person within our minds!

We instantly understand all (or enough of his or her) hopes, fears, wishes, etc.  We can “completely” relate to that other person!
BUT, OF COURSE, as my sarcasm is trying to help to illustrate – PEOPLE ARE NOT SO SIMPLE… Not so easily summarized!
If you want to understand someone else, you have to perform a SIMILAR process as you should be doing with ourself… 

You must discover all the different pieces of someone else and then see how those piece make a whole.

– Now let’s be honest… when we are in a room with another person or other people… the most interesting person in that room – usually – is ME! (“I”)

Yes, I think about the other person, but I my thoughts have a tendency refocus on myself and what I want (to say… to do). 

“So hurry up and say what you need to say!  Already!!!”

BUT the “SECRET” is this:

We must focus on the other person, but not quickly “jump to conclusions”… And when we inevitably do, we must understand that our model of that person is only a First Draft… later to be revised as we get new information.

– Now… how to become a MASTER at understanding!!!

We must use our understand of our own selves and our motivation to try to understand the connection between

  • Motivations
  • Perceptions
  • Actions / Inactions

Then and only then… Can we START to understand… someone else…


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Self-help Book With A Sinister Twist

Surprisingly, I’ve found reading Robert Greene’s book, “The 48 Laws of Power,” to be quite an enriching experience.  I like what it has to say and that it’s is undeniably advocates clandestine acts.



Most other “self-help” books that I have read, assume that people are “basically good.”  This book on the other hand, lays out to bare the innate (carnal) desires of people and our natural weakness.

In the introduction, Greene states that ALL people have the desire for more power (or influence if you find that term more palatable).

Power might be defined as more money…

Power might be defined as doing what you want when you want…

Power might be defined as having your children listen to what you say (which still is a form of power – you want them to not do what they natural want to do, but instead try to get them to do what You think they should do)…

But beyond just teaching the reader, “how to get more power.” (and conversely how to avoid losing it.)  Greene demonstrates a keen insight into human nature, itself.  And such an insight in necessary to better relate to others.


So overall, I recommend this book, because it is in opposition to many of the ideas postulated in other books and because I believe that it definitely adds a more realistic view of the world and how it operates.