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Drowning – The Trap of Being A Genius

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I “love” the stereotypes – sic… 

– “They think they are so much better than us!”

– “They love ‘bragging’ about how smart they are!”

– “They…”
Well, you know what… Maybe we don’t!!!  Maybe we wish that there would not be mountains of literature about “how anyone could be a genius.” Or about “different” types of genius… Or, or,…
Can you imagine the IMMENSE Pressure we feel to be “just like everyone else”!?!?

The world wants to ‘water us down’.  You want at every chance to deny our existence!  

So many of us just want to be seen as “normal”.  We remember what it was like in early childhood as adults smiled and marveled at our ingenuity… only to be replaced by disdain and denial of our talents in adulthood. 

Many of us, like me, only want to use our insights to help others see.  But over and over you make us feel guilty and distraught, when offer up our suggestions for a better way or better world, so that you can talk about office gossip or the most recent sporting event, or your “success” in your hobby.
Society loves “diversity” but only if that restricted within one standard deviation of the mean!!!
WE have to learn how to communicate in a manner COMFORTABLE for you.  Why do you persist in demeaning us?!?! 

Are we not Human too!  And even if we “minic” the steps that YOU define as success (We become athletes, arts, competent professionals), still you don’t respect us enough to…

Listen to our voices in our own tones

Or at least grant us a measure of solace by acknowledging that we exist without making us feel GUILTY that we do! (Trust me, we live with enough self-doubt as it is, we definitely don’t need others to heap it more on us!)
Oh… since early childhood, I’ve yearned for a community of peers that wouldn’t make me feel like a FREAK!  Especially when my strongest desire has been to make things better…


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